Educatus Read & Write

Read and WriteSuccess in school and work demands the ability to comprehend complex text and clearly communicate ideas in writing. Our English Language program helps students build a strong foundation for communication success!

With skill levels covering pre-school through essay writing, our program provides students with skills in reading, spelling, structured writing and comprehension.

Through our focus on vocabulary development, grammar structure, and required reading assignments, students learn to read critically and express their ideas in clear, well thought out responses.   Required reading and comprehension assignments present both fiction and non-fiction material to help students build solid general knowledge for use across the curriculum. From simple sentences to high school essays, students learn how to create writing that clearly communicates their ideas.

Low student to staff ratios and well trained, professional instructors ensure that your child’s twice weekly class sessions provide them with the coaching that they need for smooth learning progress. Weekly homework assignments provide the necessary practice to ensure that skills and knowledge are mastered.

Ongoing meetings with parents and students to communicate progress and set goals mean that you always know how your child is performing and where their studies are headed.

Language skills are fundamental to your child’s success in all school subjects. Let us help you to ensure that they have the foundation for a lifetime of success!