Monday Night Is Science Night!

Calling all young scientists!! Monday, September 26th  is the first class for the 2016/2017 Session of the  Junior Genius Science Club at our Brampton East Location.

Why science??? Science is the most effective school subject for helping students to learn to think critically and problem solve.  Science is all around us in our everyday lives and provides excellent opportunities to critically  assess how things work, or why things happen.

Today, the majority of students in Ontario drop the study of science by grade ten.  This is unfortunate as it limits their career choices as they head into university.  The most common reason we hear from students for dropping science is that they find it ‘boring’ or simply too hard.39172933

This need not be the case.  Hands-on science programs provide an exciting medium for learning to question and test the laws  of science.  Students have the opportunity to build on their everyday knowledge of the world and use it to design tests and experiments that provide deeper understanding of scientific principles.

At Educatus, our Science Club is a curriculum based, Hands-on – Minds-on, program where students work collaboratively with students in their own grade  level discovering the scientific principles and concepts that they will learn in school.  They share their knowledge through discussion and debate and design experiments to test their own ideas as to how science happens.

If you have a budding young scientist in grades 4 through 8, or a child who you would like to inspire to love science, check out our program information.